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Oriental rug restoration & repair service : - Genuine oriental rugs are made of wool, silk, or a combination of wool and silk. Rugs made of wool are more durable and wear longer than synthetic fabrics. Wool is more resilient, cleans better and stays clean for longer. Newer rugs seldom need repairing. Old antique rugs, at times need to be rewoven where areas are worn out.

A good repair job will not only restore it back to its original condition, but will protect it from further damage. A new fringe (tassels) may need to be added if it has been worn out or damaged. When damages do occur, a professional rug weaver can solve most problems. Professional rug restoration can reconstruct the foundation and reweave the pile, sew tears and repair or replace borders and fringes.

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Our rug restoration service is of the highest quality at a very affordable price. With experience of seven generations in working with genuine oriental rugs, we can choose the best method and materials to perfectly restore your rug.

We pride ourselves in providing an honest, trustworthy and approachable service throughout every aspect of our business. Our team of experts will work diligently to return your rug to its optimal condition. We will honestly advise you on whether or not your rug is a good candidate for repairs. We carefully maintain carpets, rugs, runners and tapestries using only traditional methods, both cleaning and repairing. Additionally, we guaranty superb treatment of your rug during every step of the repair and restoration process.

Free Rug Repair Estimation

We need the following information to be able to give you an appropriate estimate:

1. Two snapshots from front and back of the damaged area of your rug or carpet
2. Define number of KSPI or RAJ
3. Rug material type (wool, silk, cotton, etc)
4. The dimension of the damaged rug
5. The dimension of the damaged area
6. Contact information for shipping (name, address, contact number)

We will contact you with a cost and time estimate once we received your item(s). If you accept our offer, we will pick up your valuable rug and as soon as your rug will be picked up from you it will be fully insured by time you receive it back.

How can I repair my rug/carpet?


We have a team of some of the most skilled repairers in the UK, who specialise in different types of weaving and repairing, for example:

1. Small repairs to full restoration (holes, tears, threadbare areas,re-fringing & Side repair and replacing etc)

2. Reweaving and Restoration of damaged areas caused by water, fire, animals and insects etc.

3. Antique rugs and Tapestry Restoration

4. Food Damage Repair (Such as wine, tea, curry etc...)

5. Water Damage or Holes Repair (Flood, water damage from plants and pots left on the top of rugs for a long time)

6. Part exchange option for old rugs and carpets & Reducing carpet size (Cut and joins matching up carpet design)

7. Expert stain removal (including spot clean, colour run and water damage)

8. Pet/pest damage correction

9. Moth Proofing & Damage treatment

10. Traditional Cleaning & Washing service

11. Carpet re stretching

12. Rug Reweaving

13. Rips and Slits repair

14. Non slip/creep underlay supply

15. Rug Valuation services

16. Insurance claim/contract services

17. Consultation etc.

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Repairing Process Gallery

FAQ: Typically when you are thinking about repairing the rugs so many questions come to mind.

Question: What is the cost of repair?

We do not know until we see the size and type of damage. Our price is very competitive and our workmanship is excellent.

Question: We do not have a Digital Camera or a Scanner what can we do to show the damaged rug?

Just take two photos with a regular camera and send them with all the other required information to us. Alternatively, you are most welcome to bring the rug in as this would provide us with a better view of the situation.

Information required:

  • Size of the damaged area
  • Type of materials (Silk, Wool, etc...)

Question: How long does it take to fix my rug?

It usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks for regular repair after we receive your rug. We will inform you when your rug will be ready. We will keep contact with you throughout the process, to provide piece of mind. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Question: How good is your restoration?

Our expert team is working and improving constantly to deliver an excellent service. Our team members have several years experience of repair and restoration, and re-coloration of rugs, tapestries and other textiles. All of our repairs are guaranteed for one year and 100% satisfaction.

As we are in rug business for generations, we have developed and maintained contact with numerous rug manufacturers, and we have access to authentic materials and dyes to make rug restoration as close to original as possible. You will hardly ever be able to tell the difference.

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Question: Do you fix the colour bleeding in the rugs?

Yes! We are able to remove the color bleeding and spots from your rugs.

The list is long and there will be many other things that could go wrong with your rugs. Do not panic, just contact us and we will take care of it!

Question: Would you deal with insurance claims?

We have had many prior dealings with insurance companies for many years and we have got 100% satisfactory results from our clients, whether the damage was accidental or due to spillage or water flood.

In all cases we will be able to help you, our expert repair team can fix the Rugs or we can replace your rugs with one as close as possible to your original.

Question: I have a very big rug, can you send your team to my home?

We are able to appraise your rug at your place for a small fee. However, we do have free pickup and delivery for repairs in London area.

Question: Need more information ?

Below are more details of the various problems you might have if you are unfamiliar. Please be aware that the pictures are of possible problems that could occur if not careful.

Question: What are the main problems that can occur with rugs?

Most common problems are:

Question: Water damage ?(Flood, water damage from plants and pots left on the top of rugs for a long time)

Cotton foundation can be weakened and sometimes rotted if the rug is wetted repeatedly and not dried properly. A common cause of such damage is when a potted plant is placed directly on a rug. The plant is watered regularly and if the pot leaks the rug under the pot stays permanently damp. Within a few weeks the foundation of the rug can become so weak that chunks can be pulled from the rug by hand. If you are placing a plant on a rug try to place on a slim leg stool so you can see under the pot and check regularly for leeks.


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Question: Moth damage?

Clothes and Rugs moths larvae feed on wool, feathers, fur, hair, leather, lint, dust, paper, and occasionally cotton, linen, silk, and synthetic fibres.

They are especially damaging to fabric or rugs stained with beverages, urine, oil from hair, and sweat. Most damage is done to articles left undisturbed for a long time, such as old military uniforms and blankets, wool upholstery, feathered hats, antique dolls and toys, natural bristle brushes, weavings, wall hangings, piano felts, old furs, and especially wool carpets under heavy furniture and clothing in storage.

Damage from moth larvae and other household insects can be avoided as long as the rug is cleaned regularly (vacuuming) and is exposed to light. If part of your rug is hidden under furniture then it is essential that it is regularly vacuumed as this is the ideal breeding ground for rug-eating insects.

If moth grubs or carpet beetle are discovered, then immediately contact us to stop any further damage.


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Question: Thread bare damage?

This kind of damage is a result of late repairs by the owner of the rug. This is one of the most common types of damage. Thread damage is due to wear and tear of the rug over time. This can be easily fixed but may depend on the severity of the damage.


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Question: Damaged Fringe?

Fringe is the Skeleton of Your Rug. Most rugs have white cotton fringe tassels, and others have wool or silk tassels. Some rug owners like the look of the fringe on their rugs, to others it drives those nuts to always be straightening them, or keeping them from getting caught in the vacuum cleaner (that is why you vacuum from side to side instead of from end to end).

But, the fringe is not just a pretty way to finish the rug , it is actually the foundation fibres of the rug. The rugs skeleton. Each individual tassel that you grab in your hand runs through the middle of the rug all the way to the other end, emerging as another individual tassel on the opposite end.


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Question: Food & Wine damage?

This is the most common form of damage as accidents do happen to the best of us especially those with children, but can also be removed in most cases. First step is to make haste and dry the stain up if residue is left behind and your unsure of what to do, please contact a cleaner for advise to rectify the problem.


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Question: Colour bleeding (Run)?

Colour bleeding damage can happen to any sort of rug, although it is more apparent with country or village types. Colour run can happen to "vegetable" dyed rugs as easily as to synthetic dyed rugs. Good chrome (synthetic) dyes are more resistant to colour run than some vegetable dyes. Most rug dyes are acid-fast in the sense that an acidic environment helps stabilize the dye and reinforces the bond of the dyestuff to the wool. Colour run is usually caused by the wash water being at basic pH level. The alkalinity of the wash makes it susceptible to colour bleeds

A small amount of bleeding often indicates that the fugitive dye pervades the entire piece. Colour run on the fringes of red Afghan and other rugs are usually not very serious. Red and blue occasionally run into ivory and carpets should be closely examined for this problem. Ivory or white wool should be clear and not even slightly tinged with red, blue, or any other colour little fugitive red dye can often be successfully removed with certain chemicals found in rug supply stores, but these fugitive dyes should generally be left untreated because there is always a danger of bleaching adjacent colours.


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Question: Pet damage?

Pets can cause serious damage to oriental rugs from soiled areas to chewed or clawed fringes or borders. We provide a full restoration service for all pet damage. Intractable animal stains will not be extracted from a rug by means of simple cleaning. Our experienced staff will remove an animal stain of any age imbedded in a rug. If not addressed, an animal stain containing uric acid which can be extremely harmful to the rugs fibre.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. Pet odor can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a carpet or fabric, it has a pH of 5 or 6, which is on the acid side of the pH scale.


Rug repair is one of our specialities as over the years, a lot of rugs have been brought to us in great need of a rug restoration. We have gained a multitude of experience with cleaning rugs and we utilise this experience to the benefit of the customer. So should your rug require a repair, restoration or clean, then don't hesitate to give us a call today!

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